Sellers Representative Specialist

Date:   Oct 19, 2022 - Oct 20, 2022
Time:   9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This course delivers a comprehensive foundation of skill development, training, and resources to help real estate professionals represent the interests of sellers in today’s marketplace.

Learning outcomes include: 

Increase listings and grow their business.
Demonstrate and communicate their value package to seller clients.
Understand and apply the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
Understand and comply with state license laws when representing sellers.
Understand and apply methods, tools, and techniques to provide the support and services that sellers want and need.
Understand that the representation skills required to represent sellers encompass a comprehensive understanding of the legal duties and license law responsibilities.

This course has the following eight (8) Modules:

Module 1: Your Value Proposition
Module 2: Crafting Your Message
Module 3: Generating Business
Module 4: Preparing for the Appointment
Module 5: Meeting With the Seller
Module 6: Marketing the Listing
Module 7: Setting the Stage
Module 8: Offer to Closing


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